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Project archieve

These are the projects I've done ages ago. Not maintained or live, but just for the records of history. Enjoy! :)

When I lived in Oulu city, I had a bit more time for my dear photography hobby than nowadays. I created PhotoStories-site to publish the pictures and related stories. The site has been closed for years, but now it is back on-line as archive. Enter PhotoStories.

Ten years ago, while I was studying at the university, the web was in it's early days. Way before the concept of blogs, we just had a thing called "homepage". I was anyway excited about the possibility to publish thoughts on-line. This resulted C'est la vie pages (only in Finnish language). Enter C'est La Vie.

In Finland we have a national defence duty, and almost every male is called into the army service. At the end of my service duty, I created this page to maintain the memory of the year in the army. Enter SA-INT.