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Although I don't travel so much yet, I'm dreaming of a moment when I have enough money and time to travel all around the world with my camera.

Maybe this dream never come true, but meanwhile I have to be satisfied for small scale traveling, at least once a year. In this page you find photostories from the places around our globe.

If you are interested in Finland and especially Oulu, have a look to Focus on Finland and Oulu City Pictures.

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Industrial countries have factories to produce everyday supplies and goods to the citizens. The problem is that this kind of consume driver society requires lots of energy — and producing energy causes pollution... [read more]


778"One Singapore Sling, please"

By change, I had an opportunity to drop by in Singapore in June 2001. I have never been so far away from Oulu — it took way over ten hours to fly there — not to mention that I have never experienced tropic climate. [read more]



140 Trip to Norway

My brother and his wife asked me and my girlfriend to join the summer vacation trip to Norway in 1999. We rent a caravan trailer and left the Finland for a one week car holiday through Sweden to Northern Norway. Even if not the most photographically trip, but a great experience anyhow. [read more]

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