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Nallikari seaside


1614Although there are relatively few warm summer days in Oulu, we have a good beach called Nallikari. The beach opens to the Gulf of Botnia, so there is a straight view to the open sea. Surfers, boats, ships, islands, people taking sun and swimming, beach volley matches — everything you can expect from a decent seaside.

I think the closeness of sea is very important to citizens of Oulu, at least it is to me. The seaside is a place to relax and just to hang around — stare to the horizon and think what life would be behind the sea, somewhere far away. (Well, literally speaking there is Sweden behind the Gulf of Botnia, but you know what I mean...)

In Finland, Oulu has achieved some fame with dense bicycle road network. So, no wonder, it is hugely popular to roller-skate or to cycle to Nallikari during the summer holiday season. The bicycle road going to Nallikari is rather crowded in July as there are thousands of people heading to the beach. The route continues alongside the beach up to the tower located in the end of breakwater. Going that route is an easy way to spot a friend lying on the beach or having a cold beer in the beach terrace.

16111314In Nallikari you meet not only citizens of Oulu but also caravans, trailers and other visitors at Nallikari Camping. The camping area is quite large and the visitor can choose from different kind of cottages or stay in a trailer or in a tent. Some cottages can be booked even in winter time.

The summer evenings are quite amazing. Days are bright and long; in Midsummer Day the sun does not go down at all. Generally during summer it is way past ten o'clock when the sun finally sets down. If it is warm enough, people like to go to swim even in the very late hours of the day.

In winter time, people do also skiing and driving snowmobiles on ice. Also some car races take place on the ice of Nallikari, as you can read from the Icy Eden Rally photostory. The place has definitely a different kind of look in the winter time!


Next to Nallikari beach locates Eden spa hotel. The spa is popular among Oulu people for relaxing also in winter time. Thanks to the hotel and the conference capabilities many people outside Oulu visit the spa also, I guess.


One thing I like about Eden spa is the possibility to slip yourself from the normal swimming pool to the small pool located outside the actual swimming hall. The water of the pool is warm but you literally can swim outdoors in the middle of winter! It may be black dark and several minus degrees of Celsius around you — that is a relaxing experience!

See you on the beach! :)


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