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Oulu City Pictures

Welcome to see Oulu as I see it!

This part of PhotoStories-site gives you a view of Oulu city located in Northern Finland. Here are some photographs I've taken during past years, and of course, some comments included.

I've been living Oulu since 1994, so I'm not a barefoot citizen, but anyway I like to live here. Please notice that all I tell you in Oulu City Pictures are just my opinions, and I don't gain financially anyhow of maintaining these pages.

Have fun!

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1614 Nallikari seaside

Although there are relatively few warm summer days in Oulu, we have a good beach called Nallikari. The beach opens to the Gulf of Botnia, so there is a straight view to the open sea. Surfers, boats, ships, islands, people taking sun and swimming, beach volley matches — everything you can expect from a decent seaside. [read more]

1160 Icy Eden Rally

Even though people living in northern latitudes have used to arctic weather, that day was something from another planet. The outdoor temperature was about minus twenty-five degrees of Celsius, and the wind was blowing fast and steadily from the icy Baltic Sea. I was standing on ice once again about take some photographs. But the combination of cold air and icy wind made me wondering why on an earth I was there! [read more...]

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1530 Oulu skyline

Oulu is located in an area that has no hills or any other shapes in the land profile. This kind of flat landscape is very common for Pohjanmaa region — which is quite unfortunate fact for a landscape photographer... [read more]


The downtown

The heart of every city is the downtown. Oulu has very cozy city harbor and several walk-only streets which are full of life especially at summer time.

1380The great sailing ships

As I have many times told in Oulu City Pictures, Oulu has a gorgeous
history of sea faring and tar production industry. Now those "good
old times" are gone and belong to the past, but luckily there are
some landmarks, traditions and spirit left of our sea history. [read more]


Oulujoki riverside

updated 17-Jan-2002

Oulujoki river meets the sea right next to the Oulu city. The riverside offers variety of pastime activities and it is a great location for hiking and outdooring.


1460Summer tales

Some of my friends asked me why there are so few photographs of summer time Oulu in PhotoStories. After all, Oulu is a summer city showing it's most beautiful face in July. I agree that the Nordic summer is something special and the city do awake to a flourishing life during warm summer days... [read more]

Miscellaneous photographs

Many times when I wander around the town with a camera, I find nothing fancy to photograph at. But sometimes a very usual and dull subject can be a great target for a city photograph. Here are some such a photographs.


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