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That's me!

1539It was absolute beautiful winter day when I and my colleague at work decided to use our lunch hour by having a sightseeing around our arctic home city of Oulu.

We had also an opportunity to try out new Canon D30, so nothing could keep us in the office!

Also because the lights were so astonishing, I couldn't resist of taking my good old EOS5 from backpack and taking couple of photographs with an analog camera also.

So here I'm, standing behind tripod trying to figure out something with EF300/4 IS lens. I don't remember what was I aiming at, but hopefully there will be some photos from this trip in Oulu City Pictures someday.

The D30 was very nice camera indeed, but personally three AF points are too few for my taste. But no doubts that the keyword of the future photography is digital!

[1-Jun-2003: and now there is Canon 10D available! -editor]

[16-Aug-2004: and now I've the Canon 10D ! :) -editor]

"That's me", Winter 2001, EOS D30, EF17-35/2.8, photo by Jarkko Jokelainen (C) 2001

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