This is an archived web portal of my project "PhotoStories". I published my photographs and related stories in the page. I did not have time for the hobby anymore, so last update was around 2005. Please note some links may be broken.

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Updated 14-Aug-2004.


The purpose of PhotoStories site is to publish photographs and stories made by me.

To navigate the site, you'll need only to follow links starting from the main page. There is always a navigator on the top of the page, by using it you can jump to any "level" of this site. On the bottom of pages there is usually a link which throws you back to the beginning of that page.

Main page can be found at

You can see bigger picture and some details by clicking small thumbnails. All the photograps are in JPEG-format. From big picture view you can return only by using the back-button of your browser.

PhotoStories is updated only once or twice a year. There will be no any announcement when this happens. Updating means that any photos and stories may be added, changed or removed. domain runs on web hosting offered by Neutech limited company in Finland.

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Site does not use any Java or Javascript code, cgi or cookies. HTML-language should be following HTML 4.01 Specification (to be exact, HTML-type is DTD HTML 4.01 Transitional). Your browser should be capable to view tables, and to get most of the pleasure non-graphical browsers like Lynx are not recommend. Cascading Style Sheets (CSS) are also used.

Page width is fixed seven hundred (700) pixels. This is because difficulties of making nice layout with non-fixed pages.

Mostly these pages are created with Dreamweaver web site creator. Transparents are scanned with Polaroid Sprintscan and Nikon Super Coolscan 4000 neg./dia scanners, post-processed with PhotoShop and Paint Shop Pro. ImageMagick is used for some bulk processing.

Photo images and photo pages are dynamically generated by the web server. Dynamic pages has been made with PHP-language. Currently photo information comes from CSV type database files, although locally MySQL is used.


This site has no any commercial meaning. I'm not advertising any stores, companies, organization or what so ever. I only tell my personal likes and dislikes. There should be no any copyright or privacy violations. However, if somebody feels that there are violations in a way or another, please tell me about it.

I don't take any responsibility of the faultiness of any material in this site, but please inform me if errors found.

This PhotoStories-site, which includes all stories and photos in sub-pages of "", (C) copyright Juha Lehtomäki. Please do not copy, modify or distribute any stories or photos without permission.

--->If you want to use or buy material, see Contact & Feedback-page.

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