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Lakes and Rivers

507There are 187888 counted lakes and rivers in Finland, covering roughly the tenth of the country surface. With the unique climate of the long winters and the warm summers, this inland water system provides a great environment to live and be.

In this photostory, I'll show you some photographs around Finland that are related to the numerous inland lakes and rivers. This time, there are mainly photographs and less text in this photostory, so enjoy the photo ride!


In the summer time, when it happens to be totally windless, the lake surface acts as a big mirror. The opposite trees, bridges and lights are duplicated and turned upside down. This kind a view, with silence around, gives you a calm and peaceful feeling. This is the exact reason why every finn wants to have their own summer house next to a lake.




Recreational activities

I have described in several photostories the finnish summer, how it is a short one, lasting only a couple of months in a year. Not surprisingly, those summer months are then quite valued and mostly spent by doing outdoor activities. Everybody wants to keep their one month summer holiday exactly at same time, during the warm peak of the summer months. It is common saying here that the Finland is closed in July, because almost everybody is having their summer vacation.



The inland water system provides lot's of opportunities for those who like boating. You can have a small boat, or even a big one for the inland lake systems such as Saimaa (see Search for the Coastal life). However, I think most of the finnish people just like to be close to the water in their summer cottages and enjoy the nature around the lakes.



Life after summer warmness

317In the autumn time, when the last warm summer days are gone and the days are getting shorter, the nature prepares for the long and cold winter. Citizens get back to the cities to work, and the tourist life around the lakes fades away. Still, this transition period is interesting, as it reveals the other side of the wather systems nature. The black and stormy nights, foggy rain periods and water turning to ice, are the events of a typical autumn.


There are beautiful days also in the winter time (see Winter in Haapajärvi as an example). And while knowing there will be a summer after the darkness, the winter is rather easy to live through.




845The first glimpses of the sun rays over icy lake tell that the spring is just behind the corner. Not many months forward and the water is again free to dance along the warm summer winds.

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