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Welcome to Finland, my dear web citizen! Finland is my home country which I'm proud of (not taking part to Conan O'Brian Hates my Homeland campaign ;).

Have fun while surfing the Finland stories and photographs. Also, remember visit the Oulu City Pictures page that is dedicated my home town in Finland.

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507Lakes and Rivers
added 28-Mar-2005

There are 187888 counted lakes and rivers in Finland, covering roughly the tenth of the country surface. With the unique climate of the long winters and the warm summers, this inland water system provides a great environment to live and be. [read more]



In Northern Finland there is a town called Ranua, and there is a lake Luhtajärvi.

This photo has been taken on Luhtajärvi during a spring flood in 1999. It scenery seems so bare but still you can sense how the nature is waking up for a growing period.

1799Search for the Coastal Life
added 2-Aug-2004

In the summer time there is a good opportunity to drive around and learn a bit about your motherland. For example, the counties of South-East and Southern Finland are quite unknown territories for me, as I'm originated from the Central Finland. [read more]

There are several national parks in Finland, and among them is Koli, located in Eastern Finland. Unfortunately I haven't had too many chances to visit Koli, but several "pro" photographers have immortalized that magnificent scenery for example with panorama cameras.

This photograph has been taken during last winter days of 2001. We walked around Koli, and watched the sunset from Akkakoli mountain peak.

894Winter in Haapajärvi
revised 2-Aug-2004

I was born in a little village called Haapajärvi. It's located in the middle of Finland, and the population is around eight thousands (8,000). Quite many citizens of Haapajärvi make their livings by agriculture related things, and the biggest employer is the town itself (providing for example social services). [read more]


906Visiting Ruka

Ruka is a small town located in the northeast part of Finland and the are is famous of it's large wild forest areas. There is a large national park (Oulanka) with several possibilities to enjoy northern wilderness. Also several famous finnish photographers has been there making absolutely beautiful work with all that rich wildlife. [read more.]

  796 Summer Cottage

It is simply one of the greatest moments after a busy work week to sit down on the dock and watch the movements of the bulrushes. The blue lake is making it's own relaxing "liplapping" sound, and the nearby great trees are whispering their everlasting song of summer day. [read more]

871Around Southern Finland
revised 2-Aug-2004

It was Wednesday and I was on vacation and deadly bored. This was my first real summer holiday ever, and I had been mainly sitting at home playing some stupid computer games. Suddenly I got an idea: why not to jump in to the train and go to Helsinki?. [read more.]


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