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378 You can either send me comments, suggestions, error reports, buy photos or what so ever. Before sending anything please check out following things:

  • You may use photos for example as background pictures, but please do not distribute pictures anonymously forward.
  • Please ask a permission if you want to use photos in your non-commercial works or presentations.
  • Remember that all photos and stories are copyrighted!
  • You can buy pictures if you want to use them for some commercial purposes or if you just want to have copies of more quality (most of the originals are ISO100 or ISO50 rated color positives or RAW digital files).
  • With some some browsers you are thrown back to the top of the page after you have returned to that page with Back-button. This is due to table usage to layout purposes.
  • Include your email address to comment box if you like to have an answer. Note that the message is transmitted over Internet and there may be always possibility that somebody captures your email. I do everything possible to protect your privacy.

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