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Older News & Events — these are out of date (as well as links)!

16-Aug-2004 New sub page categories: Around the World and Focus on Finland. Traveling the planet and Lifetime Photography pages have been closed.

16-Aug-2004 Server scripting and database access improved (caching should be easier for the web browser).

4-Jan-2004 All photos are now rendered from a database. Links to the old pages won't work anymore — instead, you are thrown back to this page. Also several archived stuff has been removed.

4-Jan-2004 Nature project page closed, because I simply have no time to write stories to that section. Also "Luontovalokuvaus" pages removed from the archive.

4-Jan-2004 Some new photos added to the Gear usage experiences page in Photography Equipment.

4-Jan-2004 Nallikari seaside photostory added to the Oulu City Pictures.

20-Aug-2003 Oulu skyline photostory added to the Oulu City Pictures.

10-Aug-2003 Pollution? photostory moved to the Lifetime Photography.

30-Jul-2003 "One Singapore Sling, please" page added to the Traveling the Planet. Photography Equipment, including Gear usage experiences page, has been updated.

30-Jul-2003 Some technical updates to the site: Page width is now fixed 700 pixels. New photographs are rendered directly from a database. Oulu City Pictures has moved to new address

30-Jul-2003 Luontovalokuvaus page has been archived, as the page will being replaced with Nature Project. This because the PhotoStories will be all-in-english.

28-Feb-2002 Kesätunnelman jäjillä -story (in finnish language) added to Luontovalokuvaus page.

19-Jan-2002 Server ( moved under new web hosting, please report if any problems while surfing PhotoStories!

18-Jan-2002 Photography Equipment page opened!

17-Jan-2002 Summer tales photostory added to Oulu City Pictures

17-Jan-2002 The great sailing ships photostory added to Oulu City Pictures

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