This is an archived web portal of my project "PhotoStories". I published my photographs and related stories in the page. I did not have time for the hobby anymore, so last update was around 2005. Please note some links may be broken.

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1677PhotoStories is a reflection of my view to the world. See, read and experience world around me.

Around the World is a photo collection of places and things in this globe. Focus on Finland shows you what is my home country looking like. Oulu City Pictures page tells about my home town here in Northern Finland.

Enjoy! ~Juha


28-Mar-2005 Added new photostory Lakes and Rivers in Focus on Finland.

16-Aug-2004 Added new photostory Search for the Coastal Life in Focus on Finland.


W e l c o m e   t o   P h o t o S t o r i e s   —   C a t e g o r i e s   a n d   l a t e s t
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Lakes and Rivers


Added 4-Jan-2004
1614 Nallikari seaside

Author's topical thoughts #8

1258Final words?

I have kept this PhotoStories web site going some years now. It has been quite a fun ride, but it has required surprisingly large amount of my free time. I still have a pile of photos I'd like to publish here, but I simply don't have time to create pages for the photos.

For now on, my time for this web work will be even more restrained since there are happy things happening in my family. This makes me think do I event want to try to keep PhotoStories up and running anymore.

There are some 180 daily visitors in server, most of them coming to PhotoStories. I have received nice feedback from you and even some of the photos have ended up to various publications. Thanks. However, I don't know is this all worth of the time it takes.

Well, the old photos stays in the server, and will be up for ever. But I wonder do we see updates here anymore.

~ Juha

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